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What is an accent?

An accent is the unique way in which people pronounce words in a particular area or country. If you speak their language but donít shape the sounds correctly, stress the proper syllables or use the same flow, you will develop a different accent. You should consider improving your accent if people have difficulty understanding you. You can start the process by taking accent reduction training with a qualified trainer.

Foreign accents are developed by people who are not native speakers of the targeted language. For example, people who speak American English as a second language sound different and don't have the same language sound a native American speaker does.

Even though having an accent is completely natural, many times it makes people reluctant to speak. You can improve your American accent drastically by enrolling in an accent reduction course. This will help you to improve your speaking skills and achieve the right sound modifications that lead to clear, understandable speech.

At ELT, we have helped hundreds of executives improve their speaking skills and advance their careers! Contact us today, and we'll design a customized course for you or your company's employees.

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