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Why Accent Reduction?

Do people misunderstand you when you talk? Do you feel frustration from having to repeat yourself?

In today’s global marketplace, speaking clear, understandable American English is very important. Ineffective communication due to a strong accent can create barriers in contacting businesses in the US and around the world, especially for foreign professionals.

However, having an accent is a natural part of any language. When you study American English, your training should also include learning how to use your voice in a different way and how to make new movements with your tongue, lips and jaw in order to make new sounds or change old ones. This is a new skill that will improve your accent and can easily be developed with accent reduction training.

Our accent reduction program will provide you with all the necessary tools to improve your speaking skills so that others can understand you. A qualified accent reduction trainer can help you learn the sounds, stress patterns, rhythm, and intonation patterns of American English. This is a separate process from learning the grammar and vocabulary of American English and is key to improve your American accent.

At Executive Language Training, our customized one-on-one training is the most effective and convenient way to improve your American accent! Our 4-step method results in accent modification and improvement and leads to easily understandable conversational speech. Your course will be customized to your individual needs and job-related requirements.

We have helped hundreds of executives and Fortune 500 companies with their language training needs! Contact us today and our account executives will design the best quality accent reduction course for you or your employees.

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