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Can I change my accent?

When you speak a language that is not your native (such as American English) having an accent is all natural. However if your foreign accent makes it difficult for people to understand clearly what you say, you can improve your accent with appropriate accent reduction training. When you starting your accent reduction training, it is important to remember that losing your foreign accent or trying to sound like a native American English speaker should not be the goal.

At ELT our goal for our accent reduction training is to help you achieve clear and easily understandable conversational speech. Our 4-step Accent Reduction training method results in accent modification, accent improvement and easily understandable conversational speech. Following are the 4 steps of our training method for accent reduction:

1. Identify your specific trouble American English sounds, stress and intonation patterns.
2. Assist you to hear and learn the differences between American English sounds.
3. Produce and practice the troubled sounds to improve your American accent!
4. Incorporate new American English sounds into your conversational speech.

Your accent reduction course will be customized to meet your specific accent reduction needs and content will be based on your American accent training objectives. Our customized approach and our 4-steps accent reduction method will help you to improve your America accent dramatically.

We have helped hundreds of executives and fortune 500 companies with their accent reduction needs. Contact us today to design the best quality accent reduction course for you or your company's employees.

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