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Why Business English?

In today’s global economy, executives, managers and other professionals experience fairly frequent miscommunication due to limited business English language skills. Details and nuances of meaning are often missed or misinterpreted by individuals lacking real proficiency in the English language.

As a result, many times professionals make decisions on the basis of incomplete data. Due to limited business English language skills, managers also report difficulty in establishing rapport with their foreign counterparts as well as limited opportunities for social interactions. Most of the time, general ESL courses frequently offered to managers are not specific enough to address English particular to business needs.

At Executive Language Training, each one of our Business English courses is customized to address your executive language needs and help you improve your specific inefficiency in Business English. Content is tailored to help you achieve your goals and objectives with your training and therefore advance your career!

At Executive Language Training, we have helped hundreds of executives and Fortune 500 companies with their executive language training needs!

Contact us today, and our account executives will design the highest quality business English course for you or your company's employees!

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