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What is Business English?

Business or Executive English has much in common with general English or ESL. It is not a special language, but it is simply focused on business-related vocabulary and speech.

At the same time, executive English, in many ways, is also very different, since the goals of such a course are quite different from the goals of a general language or ESL course.

With executive English, you are immersed in a wide range of business settings in which you practice your communication skills in English. This includes basic language skills for talking to people or using the phone in business, writing reports, making notes or presentations, explaining and describing processes and operations, negotiating or dealing with problems and a host of other work-related situations. In addition, a Business English course integrates activities such as reading, listening, writing as well as discussion, problem-solving and role-play, such as simulated telephone discussion and more.

At Executive Language Training, we make sure your lessons are always customized and specific to your work-related language needs. Sometimes this will mean developing generalized business skills (such as giving presentations), and sometimes it will mean something more technical or academic. The main thing to remember about our executive English training is that it relates directly to your occupational or professional language needs.

At Executive Language Training, we have helped hundreds of executives and Fortune 500 companies with their executive language training needs.

Contact us today, and our account executives will design the highest quality business English course for you or your company's employees!

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