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What is the content in Business English?

At Executive Language Training each Business English course is customized. Content is quite specific and determined by your individual business English language needs and objectives.

Based on your specific Business English needs you immerse in a wide range of business settings in which you practice your communication skills in English. This may include basic English for talking to people or using the phone in business, writing reports, making notes or presentations, explaining and describing processes and operations, negotiating or dealing with problems and a host of other business situations.

Your individual business English language needs will determine if content will include training in generalized business skills such as giving presentations, participating in meetings or teleconferences, writing emails or reports in English or it will be more technical if your work is highly specialized (use of specific terms, read manuals, etc.).

At Executive Language Training our approach on business English training is that content and teaching is always needs-directed. This is essential for your success to become more confident, more fluent and more accurate when you use English for business.

We have helped hundreds of executives and fortune 500 companies with their Business English training needs. Contact us today and our account executives will design the highest quality business English course for you or your company's employees!

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