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Case Studies

At Executive Language Training we are proud of our English and foreign language training courses. Review our case studies and see for yourself how we have helped hundreds of executives and fortune 500 companies with their language training needs:

ELT offers convenient and flexible language Courses

The challenge
Based in California, a leading video games company in the global entertainment software industry develops, produces and markets its products worldwide. Due to the rapid growth of its operations in Asia, the company was presented with the need to train several US executives in Chinese/Mandarin

Executive Language Training was contacted to evaluate the participants' language needs and develop customized Mandarin language courses for them. Besides the need to drastically advance each executive’s basic understanding of Mandarin, it was very important for each course to accommodate their busy working schedule.

Convenient and flexible Approach
Before Mandarin language training began each participant completed a Needs Assessment to determine their current level of language competency and professional goals. Based on the results Executive Language Training designed two customized 15-week Mandarin language training courses.

Final course schedule and location was adapted to participants’ requirements, accommodating their busy working schedule. Two highly experienced Mandarin language trainers delivered the group Mandarin language course at the company’s offices.

ELT is committed to your success
Executive Language Training’s customized group-Mandarin language courses were a great success!

Participants advanced their basic language skills and were able to demonstrate increased confidence in their day-to-day use of Mandarin. At the end of the initial 30-hour course both groups continued to advance their Mandarin language skills further.

ELT provides personalized language Courses

The challenge
Headquartered in New Jersey, a global biotech company that discovers, develops and markets therapeutics decided to relocate a senior corporate executive to lead their local operations in Japan. The local company operates with more than 700 native speaking employees with limited English communication skills. The executive’s ability to communicate with his local board members, managers and employees was pivotal to the success of his assignment.

The company’s commitment to provide all available resources to the executive prompted them to contact Executive Language Training to evaluate his language needs and develop an intensive Japanese language course that would drastically advance his ability for basic understanding of the native language.

ELT Personalized Approach
In order to address the employee’s language needs, our account executive worked together with the participant and the company’s HR department to assess his language competency and job-specific communication needs.

As a result, Executive Language Training designed a four-week, intensive Japanese language course to meet the desired goals. Basic skills such as oral communication, reading, writing and listening skills were customized to address his immediate needs and advance his understanding of Japanese. Course schedule and location were adapted to his requirements. Executive Language Training’s highly qualified Japanese language trainer delivered the customized course onsite.

ELT is committed to your success

Executive Language Training’s four-week intensive language course was a great success!

Upon completion the executive was successful in advancing his Japanese language skills two levels and was able to demonstrate basic understanding and increased confidence in day-to-day Japanese language skills. Once in Japan, Executive Language Training designed an on-going Japanese language course to further advance the executive’s language skills.

ELT provides customized language Courses

The Challenge
Headquartered in Florida, a leading company in the US construction and building materials industry, needed to ensure that safety protocol was being clearly understood and followed by employees in one of their largest quarries. The challenge was that many of their native Spanish speaking employees, had limited English oral communication skills.

The company’s commitment to providing a safe workplace for their employees prompted them to contact Executive Language Training to evaluate their employees language needs and to develop a customized ESL course.

ELT Customized Approach
In order to asses employees’ language competency our account executive worked together with the Safety and Operation Managers to address employees’ language needs including company-specific safety policies and procedures.

Executive Language Training designed a customized ESL course to meet the company’s desired goals. Basic skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking were customized to address job-specific tasks, processes, equipment and machinery, products and quarry-related terminology.

A highly qualified Executive Language Training trainer with graduate degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) delivered the customized ESL course onsite at a time convenient to the participants.

ELT is committed to your success
Executive Language Training’s customized ESL program was a thorough success! Upon completion each participant drastically improved their English language skills and was able to:

• present company policies and safety procedures to Safety and Operations Managers
• show increased confidence in day-to-day workplace English communication
• demonstrate better understanding and commitment to a safe workplace

At Executive Language Training we are committed to your success! Contact us today and our account executives will design the highest quality English or foreign language course for you or your company's employees.

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