Pronunciation Power Idioms - Screen Shots

What are Idioms? - a definition.
Idioms are phrases that are not intended be taken literally. An idiom's meaning is very different than the meaning of each of its individual words. For example: "The red car caught my eye." We know that a car cannot catch and that an eye cannot be thrown. We must understand the meaning of the idiom "caught my eye" to understand what is being said.
Pronunciation Power Idioms is a combination of lessons and exercises for teaching and reviewing English idioms.
Begin the program by learning the 104 idioms and then try the variety of exercises or test your knowledge in the Idiom Quiz section.
Help using the program is built into the product.
Read about the idiom you have chosen and listen to the sentence which uses the idiom in context.
With each idiom you will see a picture that relates to the actual meaning of one of the words. You will see all of the forms of that word, an idiomatic phrase, a definition of the idiom and a sample sentence using the idiom.
Exercises - Each Exercise section has 10 units each with a number of multiple choice questions for study or review. These sections include:
Exercise A - Choose the idiom that would best replace the underlined phrase in the sentence.
Exercise B - Choose the phrase that would best replace the underlined idiom in the sentence.
Exercise C - Choose the idiom that would best complete the sentence.
Quiz - Choose the definition that best describes the idiom.
Exercise and Quiz Reviews
When you have finished all of the exercises in a unit, you will see your score as well as a list of the questions you have incorrect. You can then review your answers, redo the exercise or try a new exercise.