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What is the content in a Spanish course?

When you start your Spanish language training you will focus more on reading and listening comprehension, oral written production, vocabulary building and grammar.

Your next step to the Intermediate Spanish language training will include more extensive range of activities in order to develop further your reading, writing, listening and oral Spanish language skills.

In the advanced Spanish language training level you will be immersed into conversations with native speakers, extracts from radio news, discussions, advertisement and other activities in Spanish.

If you are an executive, professional or manager who operate in a Spanish business language environment it is very important when you start your Spanish language training to focus on the Spanish language more relevant to you and your business.

All of your teachings and content of your Spanish course should be customized to the Spanish language used in your business that you’ll need the most.

The vocabulary, phrases, expressions, even role play situations during your Spanish language training should be typical of your every day Spanish language needs. This way you will be able to speak, understand, read and write based on your specific Spanish business language needs.

At Executive Language Training our Spanish language training is customized to address you business related Spanish language needs. All the content in our Spanish course is tailored to help you achieve your Spanish language goals and objectives and therefore advance your career!

At Executive Language Training we have helped hundreds of executives and fortune 500 companies with their Spanish language training needs!
Contact us today and our account executives will design the highest quality Spanish course for you or your company's employees!

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